Box of Bulgarian Chocolates

In almost every shop in Yambol you will see displays of chocolates, the biggest space being taken up by Nestlé. Now I hate the Nestlé Company, for many reasons of principle but many Bulgarians hate Nestlé for the very simple reason that they are more expensive.

This scenario applies to the boxes of chocolates that are very well presented to the bypassing shopper right at eye level with Nestlé strategically placed at the most accessible level, always! It seems that they have an over-riding dominance and control over everything to psychologically drive customers to buy their products. Galia is no exception as I quite often remind her of the reasons why she shouldn't buy Nestlé, Nestlé's press-ganging tactics to fill their pockets with profit fail at this point.

Most Bulgarians have a sweet tooth, you can tell by the state of many Bulgarian teeth. In fact the only reason many Bulgarians don't eat sweets and chocolates are due to the fact that their teeth and gums are to the state of awful pain when eaten or they haven't any teeth to dispose of the harder variety of sugar based goodies.

It is a fact that whenever out shopping the whole point of the towering boxes of chocolates is to sow the seed of a reason for buying them. They look so attractive with their tinselled ambience and the supposed contents replicated on the box cover. This gleaming due to being varnished for the picture on the box, they aren’t really like that inside; you would suffer if you ate the one that was originally pictured on the box! How ever could anyone not have a reason not to buy a box? And so it becomes a compromise we succumb to buying a box but not Nestlé.

The time taken to for us to choose which box of chocolates, is quite bazaar. Galia will look and initially point to a Nestlé product and be reminded of the moral grounds fro not buying them. Then she will ask me which we should get. I choose, but without thought of course I'm a man. Galia will subsequently get her own back and correct me in my decision as invariably my choice it too expensive, so we are back to square one.

It is one of life's mysteries as to why someone asks you which one should we pick and then say no. This refusal to go along with your choice is 100% certain, why ask in the first place? Why not just say I'll choose, as you are always wrong with your choice. This just doesn't apply to Bulgarian women but is a worldwide female observation.

So the chocolates are bought for whatever reason and are taken home but they don't last long. As we all know there is always a reason to celebrate something in Bulgaria, whether a birthday, a name day, numerous other religious festivals, a day marked as a National holiday from a point of Bulgarian historical landmark dates, the list goes on. Then there is the pig slaughtering day, lamb day in spring, even a chicken day! All these are where chocolates are used either as gifts or a token of giving out to receive guests.

Strangely enough the chocolate treats are not bought and eaten from the point of just wanted to eat them, there has to be a reason for them to be offer out in Bulgaria. This was discovered one day as suddenly the pang for chocolate came about as the box was taken from the larder.

Ivo, Galia son, was there as the box was unwrapped, the lid lifted to reveal the treats then the arm stretched out to present to him first. His response was, 'What was the occasion?' The answer was hunger for chocolate but this wasn't a celebration in itself and he refused to take one on that point. Galia explained to me that chocolates offered by Bulgarians are only offered from the point of justification in a form of special event.

My point of argument was the fact that we had the box of chocolates in the larder was in itself a celebration. This was argued even further to the accolade of the box of chocolates in stock wasn't a Nestlé brand! With this debate over and conveyed in my best Bulgarian, we all eventually took a chocolate from the box to celebrate that very principle. After all, it is the Bulgarian way and nature of the people to seek celebrations and this was another found today.

This evening just like every evening, we do our little bout of shopping and yet again we find another box of chocolates within the confines of shopping bag. These will be eaten once more but not before the talking our way into finding and excuse to do so prevail. The state of Bulgarian teeth from chocolate and sweets; another story!