Caffeine: Rocket Fuel For Cycling

It has been six months now since I gave up drinking coffee with caffeine and gave up tea. This was done partly because caffeine made me hyper and didn't help at all with getting sleep, something which has been an issue for quite a while in the UK. Also Galia can't drink coffee with caffeine so now it saves having to make to batches of different coffee in the coffee percolator which was inconvenient.

Fatigued After  a Hard 80 Kilometres
In the meantime, it has been a couple of seasons on my bicycle racking up literally thousands of miles on the road getting fit and losing weight. On the occasion where I ride over 100km in one session, which is quite common, fatigue and lack of concentration hits hard in the last 20 km despite loading up on home made energy snacks and drinks.So, with no caffeine in my system on the rides this is a major benefit that I have discovered to avoid hitting the wall on the end of long rides.

It all started in a village called Roza, around 12 kilometres from Yambol. I decided to stop there for a break after riding around 75 kilometres prior to arriving on the way back to Yambol. I must admit, the weather was hot and I was pushing it throughout the ride up unit that point so it was a very tired and fatigued man who sat down outside the cafe on the outskirts of Roza with a strong cup of caffeinated coffee in front of him.

I was fully aware of the benefits of taking caffeine after starving yourself from it in my previous life as a teacher to gain more concentration facility in exams. I was also fully aware of the use in sport especially cycling where caffeine is taken on the last part of the race to give an energy boost. However knowing about it is one thing, but trying it is something I had never ever done.

One Coffee in Roza
So, here was the first test of caffeine to get me over the last hill and into Yambol hopefully without a struggle with tired legs and fatigue.

Did it work? Well I was shocked, the amount of energy it gave me was amazing, honking up that last hill throughout without any fatigue in my legs and full of determined concentration. Then powering my way forcefully on the last 6 kilometres as if I hadn't done any mileage prior to this stretch. I just couldn't believe that a simple cup of coffee could have such an affect on my energy.

Thee caffeine revelation was something quite new to me, I know the exaggerated effect was due to starving myself of caffeine prior to the intake. It really can be described as rocket fuel.

So, it is my routine now to only drink take caffeine on the final leg of long bike rides, something I have done a few times now and works very well. As long as I don't do more than two 100+ km rides per week, the withdrawal  of caffeine should be enough to stimulate to the full effect.

Don't underestimate the power of caffeine, it was a revelation to find out first hand.


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