In Bulgaria? You'll do this soon!

Once you have been w while in Bulgaria you will be picking up Bulgarian habits, already some have been taken on board even without thinking about it. A few for starters...

- Wearing different clothes for different situations is a must!! One for the village one town and work and another for going out in the evening, all essentially Bulgaria and in the winter a different set of clothing for bed!

- Leaving food on your plate when you've had enough rather than having to finish it up like a good boy!

- Walking fast just never happens now - its taken a while to get to this stage though.

- Looking at my watch, well I don't wear one now what's the point on knowing what time it is in Bulgaria?

- Ending a conversation - very difficult!

- Getting a job finished, there's always tomorrow, next week, next month, next year or in some cases waiting for your reincarnation!

- Getting your Bulgarian friends to spend some time away from their GSMs, (mobile phones) impossible.

- Washing up or cleaning the home - THIS DEFINITELY IS NOT ALLOWED!

- Adjusting and enjoying a rakia and salad every single evening, all year round - Actually I don't know how I managed to do cope without this before living here.

- Not looking before crossing a road, (jaywalking) Tufty and Green Cross Code Man have never set foot in Bulgaria!

Not necessarily the top ten but many more where they come from...........


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